Thinking of a lifestyle change?

Australia is seeing the biggest migration to the regions since records began. It’s a big decision, but the pandemic has taught us if nothing else, that work-life balance is a big priority. Here in Hughenden, Outback Queensland, we reckon that we have a pretty good deal going. 

  • Affordable housing
  • No traffic jams
  • A great recreational lake in the heart of town, ideal for fishing, swimming, and watersports
  • Big open skies with loads of fresh air
  • A safe community where kids can go barefoot, jump of jetties, and ride their bikes around town
  • Amazing landscape for camping and sightseeing

Work opportunities are abundant, regardless of if you are looking to start something for yourself or work for somebody else. It’s a great place to make some great money if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and have a go.

You can decide to be as busy or relaxed as you like. The region has a strong arts scene and plenty of time to learn a new craft or hone your photography skills. There are plenty of sporting clubs, a pool, 24-hour gym and limitless camping spots that you can have all to yourself. If you love exploring, our shire is your oyster, with unexpected gorges, hidden artworks, basalt ridges and valleys that rival the African savannah lands. With a rich ancient history, fossicking for fossils and dinosaur bones is also a favorite pastime for the curious minds amongst us.     

Events are constant with everything from horse sports, footy carnivals, races, and regional festivals galore.  Hughenden launches its very own Festival of Outback Skies in May 2023, featuring a range of visual activities under the beautiful backdrop of the outback horizon.  

And if you have a need for the big city lights, you can fly out on a Friday afternoon to Brisbane and be back Monday morning. Townsville is a half an hour flight, or a four-hour drive away. We’re pretty sure though that once you settle in, you won’t have the want, or the time to leave, as you will be too busy enjoying life. Most of us can’t wait to get away from the chaos and back to the big open skies after a few days in the big smoke.

Still not convinced. Come for a road trip and discover Hughenden for yourself, you soon see why our outback town has endless opportunities.

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