Whether you're dropping by for the annual races, keen to enjoy a communal meal at Prarie pub or simply passing through on your way to Kooroorinya Nature Reserve - Prairie is so much more than a place to stretch your legs. Drop it down a gear, chat to the locals and get a feel for rural Outback Queensland at Prairie.

Population: 50

Known for: Prairie races, Kooroorinya Nature Reserve, The Prairie Pub

Avg. min. temp. in winter: 9.6℃

Avg. max. temp. in summer: 35℃

Prairie has a population of around 50 people and one helluva pub. Surrounded by beautiful rolling plains of Flinders grass, Prairie is a must experience town drenched in a rich history. Part of the Great Northern Railway Line that links Townsville to Mount Isa, Prairie was once a much bigger town, boasting an almost metropolitan-esque status in the early 1900s. Now it is a must-visit town for tourists chasing a true slice of Australiana.

The town comes alive for the Prairie races held annually in late winter. The five-race program event invigorates the town with music, races, fashion and outback glamour. If your travel dates don’t align for the races Prairie is still worth the trip.

Prairie is a must stop for those seeking the solace and connection offered at Kooroorinya Nature Reserve. The town pub is a must-visit. Owner / Operators Andrea & Tom Duddy have created a unique atmosphere with their collection of stockman’s hats and other memorabilia. The pubs claim to fame lies in the mystique of the wandering ringer – curious? Make sure to ask about him during your visit.

The Prairie Pub, for good reason, has worked its way onto the many to-do lists for road-tripping travellers. Not just a pub but an amazing museum of Australiana artefacts, Prairie Pub is friendly, welcoming and serves up a tasty meal and an icy cold beer – it has become an icon in the region. Sit down and enjoy a communal meal, swap tales with locals and travellers alike, the pub radiates warmth and a welcoming atmosphere that is well worth the few extra kilometres.

The Prairie Pub

You can find Prairie approximately 40km from Hughenden so it’s well worth the trip and should definitely feature in your outback adventure. Relax, take in the abundance of nature and enjoy the slower pace of the outback.

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Prairie Races

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