National Parks and Reserves

The Outback offers more than sunburnt plains and red dirt. So much more. With four national parks and two reserves within driving distance from Hughenden, you're in for a real treat. Wander the never-ending paths and take in the cliffs of Porcupine Gorge, marvel at the white sandstone formations of White Mountains National Park. Explore the heart of the Desert Uplands in Moorrinya National Park and take in the spectacular flora and fauna of Blackbraes National Park.

Explore our Region - Map

Blackbraes National Park

, Lyndhurst, Queensland

Kooroorinya Falls Nature Reserve

Prairie Muttaburra Road, Prairie, Queensland

Moorrinya National Park

, Torrens Creek, Queensland

Mount Walker

, Hughenden, Queensland

Porcupine Gorge National Park

Porcupine Gorge Lookout Access, Porcupine, Queensland

White Mountains National Park

, Torrens Creek, Queensland