Mount Walker

Once you reach the top of Mt Walker you will be greeted with sensational 360° views of Hughenden and surrounds from six lookout points. Named by explorer William Landsborough after Frederick Walker, Mount Walker is approximately 478 m above sea level, making it approximately 152 m above the township of Hughenden.

What to Expect: 360° views of Hughenden and the best sunsets

Access: Located 10 km south of Hughenden via sealed road

Lookouts: 6

Elevation : 478m

Must Experience : Capture one of Australia's best sunsets

Mount Walker is approx 10km south of Hughenden and boasts six spectacular lookouts scanning the
district over 360o and stand 478m above sea level. Named by William Landsborough in 1862 after fellow explorer Frederick Walker, today Mount Walker has become a popular place at sunset and is a photographer’s delight.

To get to Mount Walker head off towards Townsville and turn off onto the Muttaburra Road, travel 8km to signs which will direct you to the right taking you up the side of the Mountain. When traveling up the side of the mountain please beware of any fallen rocks, and stay within the fenced area as beyond this is private property.

This road has a 16% incline and is not recommended for large Motorhomes, Buses or vehicles towing. The road is fully sealed apart from the top of the mountain which is dirt.

The six lookouts are marked with signs, first is Reay Lookout, this give you the view of the open sparse Mitchell downs area with Reay Station homestead in the distance, which is 35km south of Hughenden.
A little further along is the Jardine Lookout, overlooking the Jardine Valley area between Hughenden and Prairie. At night lights seen from this area are travelers along the Flinders Highway.

Etna and Ironbark Lookouts cover the open plains south west of Hughenden where the Hughenden –
Winton road runs. The Ironbark lookout was named after the selection of Ironbark trees directly in front of the lookout mound.

At night the lights of Hughenden come to life at the Hughenden lookout, making a scenic sprawl of lights across the horizon.

Sunset is best enjoyed at the Sunset lookout (check at the Flinders Discovery Centre for sunset times) and is a great opportunity for photographers. In winter the night skies colour to a purple pink haze and in summer a blazing red / orange sunsets over the still horizon.