Hughenden Recreational Lake

If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to spend a day in North West Queensland, look no further than the Hughenden Recreational Lake Precinct. This beautiful oasis is located in Hughenden and officially opened on 8 November 2019. Whether you're into swimming, fishing, boating, or just enjoying the outdoors, this man-made lake has something for everyone.

WHERE: Moran Street, Hughenden

MUST DO: Swim, Relax & Fish

NEARBY: Flinders Discovery Centre, Hughenden Showgrounds, Fossicking Site


The Hughenden Recreational Lake is a multiple-use lake shared by many users. From aquatic activities, such as boating and water skiing to non-motorised watercraft with canoe and kayak or take a stroll along the lake and enjoy this man-made lake. The lake is about 22 hectares (59 acres), with approximately 900m in length and up to 400m at its widest point. It’s about the size of 35 football fields.

Fishing at Hughenden Recreational Lake

If you’re into fishing, you’ll be pleased to know that the fishing jetty is located on the southern edge of the lake with amenities and shelter close by. In January 2020, Australian Native Fish Enterprises with the help of the local community, released 15,000 Sooty Grunter fingerlings, 15,000 Sleepy Cod fingerlings and 5,000 Red claw yabbies into the Hughenden Recreation Lake. So, you can expect to catch some a great range of fish and crayfish.

Swimming at Hughenden Recreational Lake

There is a designated swimming area, which is between Moran street and Mowbray street entrance, complete with a man-made beach area. While there is no lifeguard on duty, this area is safe for swimming. You can also enjoy the water feature in the garden area.

Picnic and Play Areas

For those who just want to relax and enjoy the outdoors, the Hughenden Recreational Lake Precinct has plenty of picnic tables, some with free gas BBQs, a shaded playground, and walking or cycling paths. So, grab your family and friends and come enjoy a day out in the sun.

Pet-Friendly Environment

We know your furry friends are a part of your family too, and that’s why the Hughenden Recreational Lake Precinct is pet-friendly. Just make sure your pet is on a leash and clean up after them. There is an envirogreen degradable animal waste bag located near the playground if you need them for your pet.

The Hughenden Recreational Lake Precinct is a beautiful oasis in the heart of North West Queensland that has something for everyone. Whether you’re into fishing, swimming, boating, or just enjoying the outdoors, this man-made lake has it all. So, come out and enjoy a day relaxing in the sun by the lake with your family and friends.

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