Outback Queensland Races at Hughenden – Thrills, Tradition, and Turf.

In the outback we love a good race day. The weather has cooled down, the days are crystal clear, there’s excitement in the air and you’re surrounded by fashion, food, drinks and a whole lot of country fun. So, how about it? Are you ready to join us for a good old fashion race day in the Outback this year! Whether you’re a seasoned racing enthusiast or simply seeking a unique adventure, our region offers a calendar bursting with exhilarating race meets, each with its own unique charm. From blue-blood thoroughbreds to the masterful skill of an outback horseman, Queensland horse racing carnivals offer heart-stopping action. It’s time to grab your fascinator and giddy-up. Here’s the year of racing ahead in the Hughenden region.

Kooroorinya Races (Oakley Amateur Picnic Races)

One of the Last Grass-Fed Picnic Race Meetings in Queensland, Kooroorinya, is a classic country weekend packed with fashion, live entertainment, and the ultimate grass-fed horse races. Whether you’re there for the horses, kids, competitions, or the bar, Kooroorinya is a weekend that caters to all.

Image Courtesy: OAPRC – Kooroorinya Races

Hughenden Races

The Hughenden Jockey Club Inc runs two horse race meets each year in May and July. Since 1884, people from all over North Queensland and beyond have flocked to Hughenden Races. It’s a tradition where locals let their hair down, and travellers are invited to join in on the revelry and fashion of the meet. This event is definitely one to attend and worth the trip alone.

Stamford Races

Stamford, situated 61 kilometres south of Hughenden on the Kennedy Development Road to Winton, comes alive at its annual Race Meeting held each year in July. A town steeped in Outback history, Stamford was once an overnight stop for Cobb and Co Coaches traveling from Hughenden to Winton. The races allow for free camping and offer a free recovery breakfast the following morning.

Prairie Races

The Annual Prairie Races in the small town located outside of Hughenden provide a full weekend of country racing fun. With kids’ activities, live music into the night, exciting events such as the ‘Spanner Throw,’ auctions, fashions on the field, and, of course, a day of outback thoroughbred racing, this event is not to be missed. Overnight guests will be treated to a “recovery breakfast” for a gold coin donation, with the refunding of leftover bar tickets available on request.

Here in the heart of Outback Queensland, horse racing is a celebration of community spirit, tradition, and of course, a whole lot of fun. Outback race days offer much more than just thrilling competition. They are a chance to experience the true essence of outback hospitality. Mingle with friendly locals, indulge in delicious country fare, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. In the heart of Outback Queensland, the races promise thrills, uphold traditions, and unfold on the vast, iconic turf in our region.

So, how about it? Mark your calendars, and saddle up for an unforgettable Outback racing experience.

See you in Hughey.

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