Outback Queensland Events – Unforgettable Experiences in Hughenden.

The Autumn months herald shorter days and cooler nights in Hughenden. For us here in the outback it’s the beginning of the tourist season. A time when intrepid travellers trade cityscapes and coastal towns for wide open countryside, friendly locals and a crystal clear night sky that reveals the entire Milky Way. It’s a great time to visit and not just for the usual reasons, but also because of our fantastic events. This time of year we start hosting a range of events that make any outback trek unforgettable. So, if you’re yearning for an outback adventure topped with some genuine country feels then make sure you marry up your stay with some of our events. 

Ready to kick up some dust and see how we celebrate out west? Read on to explore our upcoming outback happenings, events and festivals, each promising a distinct outback charm that will make your outback trip truly memorable.

1. Festival of Outback Skies – Date: 03/05/2024

Dinner under the stars at the Festival of the Outback Skies

The Festival of Outback Skies embraces the essence of the outback – showcasing our lifestyle and interests with the backdrop of our impressive big open skies.

The Festival celebrates our outback region with immersive experiences, including art and maker workshops, art installations, and cooking demonstrations. Featuring an array of entertainment appealing to a diverse audience – live music, dinner under the stars, workshops and art, a rodeo and performance by Queensland Opera, just to name a few. The festival provides endless opportunities to get involved, or just lay back and enjoy the surroundings. 

More Information: https://festivalofoutbackskies.com.au/ 

2. Hughenden Agricultural Show – Date: 30/05/2024

Step into the heart of Hughenden’s community spirit at the Hughenden Agricultural Show, the longest-running local event spanning 140 years. From sideshow alleys for the kids to market stalls, agricultural trade stands, equestrian events, and fleece competitions, the show encapsulates the essence of the outback. Engage with our community groups, volunteers, exhibitors, and entertainers, making it an event that entertains and delights visitors of all ages.

3. Hughenden Country Music Festival – Date: From 19/07/2024

Experience a unique twist at the Hughenden Country Music Festival, where the atmosphere is akin to a talent showcase and friendly competition rather than a massive music spectacle. This year’s festival invites you to the Diggers Entertainment Centre on Brodie Street from Friday the 19th of July. Dive into the festivities with complimentary poetry and performance workshops on Friday afternoon, followed by a diverse concert in the evening. On Saturday, immerse yourself in a thrilling talent search, leading to the delightful poet’s breakfast on Sunday at 7:30 am.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. The festival continues with another engaging talent search, culminating in the entertaining finals. The fully catered hall, complete with a bar, ensures a delightful experience for everyone. This event guarantees a little something for every taste and is a must for the lovers of outback poetry, music and talent.

4. Hughenden Rugby 7’s – Date: 27/07/2024

Experience the high-energy excitement of this fast-paced, scaled-down version of traditional rugby with smaller teams—it’s every bit as dynamic and enjoyable as you can envision. Whether you’re a spectator on the sidelines or a participant on the field, this sport is a fantastic one to support. With plenty of teams in the lineup, the action promises to be relentless.

You can also join the annual Hughenden Rugby 7’s competition. We welcome teams from all communities for this weekend of action-packed Rugby and lively parties. No experience required—just a willingness to have fun and perhaps win a coveted trophy. The festivities kick off on Friday the 27th of zJuly with sign-on, followed by the main competition on Saturday and an evening barbecue with entertainment.

Upcoming Turf Events:

There’s nothing quite like a day at the races here in the outback. The cooler months ensure great weather and the whole community enjoys a day out. So, don your fascinator, place a cheeky bet and join us this year for any one of our great race days.

You can learn more about our events by visiting our events page – Visit Hughenden’s upcoming events page.

It’s worth the trip!

Make your way to Hughenden and experience the true essence of the outback. Whether you’re captivated by the Festival of Outback Skies, immersed in the agricultural showcase, or tapping your boots to country melodies, the outback welcomes you with open arms and a promise of unforgettable moments.

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