Outback Queensland Art: Hughenden Will Inspire.

You may be surprised to learn that Hughenden actually has something of a thriving art scene. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the outback is home to more rural practicalities, but Hughenden offers travelers a surprising secret: A thriving art scene! In Hughenden and neighboring towns, a network of captivating art trails await your discovery. From hidden murals, to stunning larger-than-life tank art, cunningly crafted sculptures and much more. Our art offers guests a unique glimpse into the spirit of the outback, its people, and the environment through diverse artistic mediums.

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Must-See Art in Hughenden

Flinders Discovery Centre

This visitor information centre is your one-stop shop for planning your outback art adventure. The friendly staff can assist you in crafting your itinerary and offer recommendations on nearby art trails. Don’t miss the chance to explore the centre’s exhibitions, which often feature works by talented local and regional artists. While you’re there, keep an eye out for hidden artistic gems scattered throughout Hughenden’s streets! 

Darby the Dinosaur

An intricate wall sculpture depicting the Muttaburrasaurus, a giant herbivore that once roamed the region. Located on the Hughenden Library wall, this friendly giant is a favourite photo op! 

Federation Windmill Rotunda

This unique rotunda, constructed from two historic windmills dating back to 1912, is a testament to Hughenden’s past. Admire the intricate artwork created by local artists adorning the structure, reflecting the love for bush art that thrives in the region. 

Flinders River Fish Sculptures

Take a stroll along the Eco Walk on Flinders and be surprised by these charming metal fish sculptures. Cunningly crafted from scrap metal and washers, these delightful creations appear to swim amongst the rocks, adding a whimsical touch to the natural landscape. 

Hughenden Water Tower Art

Look up and be amazed by these two massive water tank murals! One depicts a young boy playing with dinosaurs, a nod to Hughenden’s rich paleontological history. The other captures the breathtaking beauty of a Hughenden sunset, showcasing the town’s stunning natural environment. These awe-inspiring murals are a must-see for any visitor.  


This life-sized flying metal sculpture of a Queensland Pterosaur, a prehistoric flying reptile, will take you back millions of years. Located in Discovery Park next to the library, Leanneosaur is a magnificent feat of engineering and a great opportunity to learn about the region’s prehistoric past. 

Moonda Nurra

This stunning metal artwork depicts Moonda Nurra, the female rainbow serpent from Dreamtime stories. Located on the Hughenden Eco-Walk, this sculpture is a powerful symbol of indigenous culture. Take a moment to learn about the Dreamtime story and snap a photo of this awe-inspiring artwork. 

The Pterosaur Nest

Keep your eyes sharp wander around Hughenden for the Pterosaur nest. This spectacular metal sculpture is superb and certainly worth the snap. While you’re on the hunt for Pterosaur’s, make sure to keep your eyes on the eaves and roofs of the Flinders Discovery Centre, perched on top you’ll see three Pterosaurs in various poses.

The sculptures are tip of the hat to the Pterosaur skull and jaw fragments which were found only 40 km’s from Hughenden. 

Secret Murals of Torrens Creek

Torrens Creek is an easy one hour drive from Hughenden. If you’re coming in from Townsville though, you’ll pass through Torrens Creek. It’s a great place to take a rest and grab a bite to eat at the Oasis Exchange Hotel. While you’re there we highly recommend taking a stroll along the picturesque banks of Torrens Creek and discovering the hidden artworks by street artist @DRAPL. The murals are really breathtaking and worth the photos, chances are that you’ll want to stretch your legs anyway. So, make sure to check them out.

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New Art! Winners from the Festival of the Outback Skies

Lachlin Iland, recently took first place at the Hughenden Festival of Outback Skies for the Sculpture Competition with his piece ‘Micron Sire’.  Lachlin’s interest in sculpting began at a young age, and in recent years, he’s been sharing his work through participation in Sculptures Out Back. In 2022, his artistic talent was recognised with the competition’s Emerging Artist prize. Keep an eye out for the ‘Micron Sire’ in Hughenden.

There are a few sculptures floating around Hughenden, enticing travelers to take a stroll and immerse themselves in some outback art. Keep an eye out for last year’s art sculpture winner Les Carter’s windmill.

Venturing Beyond Hughenden: Explore Outback Queensland’s Art Trails

While Hughenden offers a vibrant art scene, the artistic adventure doesn’t stop there so, if your adventure continues make sure to keep exploring  . Outback Queensland boasts numerous art trails, each showcasing the unique perspective of the region:

  • Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail: A must-do for any art enthusiast, this 200-kilometer circuit near Aramac features over 40 sculptures depicting outback life.
  • Alpha Murals: Immerse yourself in a series of vibrant artworks adorning the walls of this charming town.
  • Arno’s Wall: Explore the rich history of Winton through a collection of sandstone etchings by early European explorers.

Plan Your Outback Art Adventure!

The Hughenden Visitor Information Centre is available during business hours to help you plan your outback adventure. For any questions or assistance in crafting your itinerary and recommendations on nearby art trails – Let us know!

Contact Us – Phone: 07 4741 2970

Email: info@flinders.qld.gov.au

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