Wirila Mill – 35 Foot Comet Windmill (Facility)

Gerald Elliott from Wirilla Station, the late Ian Mitchell and Pauline Mitchell from Ingle Downs Station and Harry and Sue Forster from Belfield Station, Winton donated this windmill to the Flinders Shire Council. It was erected by Tim Matt from Pastoral Construction Services and Council’s contractors and labourers in November 2008. Sydney Williams and Co Pty Ltd made this windmill and it is only one of fifteen 35 foot mills ever manufactured. The first six mills were made in Rockhampton with the last nine made in Sydney. The Wirilla Mill is number 11. This mill could pump in excess 250,000 gallons or 1 million litres (a mega litre) of water per day with an average wind. This supplied water for stock, delivered along small water courses across the land known as bore drains, some up to 45km long. Each stroke, if there was no slippage would deliver 69 litres of water.