A taste of the outback – 3 Days around Hughenden

A three-day excursion around Hughenden and its gorgeous neighbouring national parks will get you out of the city and into the wilderness. Hughenden is a little outback town with a lot of personality and some stunning natural landscapes just beyond the horizon.

Day 1 – Around Town

Begin your day in beautiful Flinders shire by visiting the outback town of Hughenden. Spend the morning exploring the Flinders Discovery Centre learning about the history of Hughenden and the Flinders region. Inside our museum, you may travel back in time to the time of the dinosaurs and view a display of dinosaur fossils, as well as meet ‘Hughie,’ our seven-metre skeletal Muttaburrasaurus.

Spend the rest of the day learning about the town’s history by visiting the Coolibah Tree, the Surveyor’s Peg, and the Hebrew tomb. Brodie Street’s streetscape is dominated by a variety of sculptures and the Federation Rotunda, along with the gorgeous water tank art on McClaren Street. Finish the day with a stroll along the Flinders River and a stop at the Royal Hotel on Moran Street for a refreshing beverage and a hearty meal. 

Day 2 – Porcupine Gorge & Sunset at Mt Walker

Start your day early and head north to Porcupine Gorge National Park (63km). Take in the plethora of flora and wildlife that can be found among the colourful volcanic basalt scenery and sandstone rocks. Then spend the day bushwalking, bird viewing, and swimming in the gorge’s crystal clear waters. If the Gorge piques your interest, you’ll be pleased to learn that camping is permitted – although you should book well ahead of time as there are no last-minute bookings.  Bookings can be made online at https://qpws.usedirect.com/QPWS/ or at the Flinders Discovery Centre prior to departure. If you’re not camping head on back to Hughenden. 

If you get back in time to see the sunset, head over to the Mount Walker Lookouts and take in the sunset. Mount Walker, located 10km kilometres south of Hughenden, has six beautiful lookouts that provide 360-degree views of the region and is 478 metres above sea level – make sure you allow time for the drive up the mountain to make sure you can enjoy the sunset to the fullest.

Day 3 –  Kooroorinya Falls Nature Reserve & The Basalt Byway

After two days of walking and trekking, you’ll be thrilled to learn that day three is spent resting and relaxing in the serene natural outback surroundings of Kooroorinya Falls.

However, if all of that seems a little too relaxing, you may take an adventurous detour via the Basalt byway. The Basalt Byway is a 95-kilometre four-wheel driving track that winds through the landscape north of Hughenden. This track takes you on a tour through some spectacular scenery, complete with rolling hills, basalt walls, and deep valleys.

The Kooroorinya Falls Nature Reserve is a perfect example of a pristine outback setting. During the wetter months of the year, a billabong stays at the top of the falls for the majority of the year, with a swimming hole at the bottom, making it the ideal spot to relax and unwind while taking in the beauty of this stunning outback environment.

Check out the full itinerary here for more information about this trip.

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