Local Knowledge and Services Local Knowledge and Services

When travelling and visiting in Outback Queensland, planning is essential.  Here are a few bits and pieces we hope you find helpful. 

Radio Stations & Television

We may be in the bush, but we certainly have access to television and radio stations.

In December 2013 we will only be able to access digital television and receive all of the major free to air channels.  Some accommodation houses and hotels do provide Austar for the customers.  So don't fret, chances are you won't miss your favourite sporting team play!

  • ABC Local Radio - 1485 AM
  • ABC Radio National – 107.5AM
  • ABC Triple J – QLD 105.9FM
  • 4GC – 765AM
  • SBS – 104.3FM

Mobile Network & Pay Phone Locations 

When travelling in the Flinders Shire, the only mobile phone coverage we have access to is the Telstra Next G network.  Our closest neighbours which have Optus coverage is Cloncurry travelling west, Longreach travelling south and Charters Towers travelling east.  Coverage outside of these areas is usually within a 20km radius.

Public phones are available and it is a good idea to purchase a prepaid phone card as some pay phones only accept card now.  Locations of Public Payphones are -

  • 11 Gray Street, Hughenden near FT Foodworks (Accepts coin and card)
  • 61 Brodie Street, Hughenden near Australia Post (Accepts coin and card)
  • 1 Resolution Street, Hughenden at the Railway Station (Accepts coin and card)
  • Flinders Highway, Hughenden opposite the Hughenden Hospital (Accepts coin and card)
  • 37 Savage Street, Prairie near Prairie Park (Card only)
  • 10 Russell Street, Torrens Creek (Card only)
  • Winton Road, Stamford near Roadhouse (Accepts coin and card)

Church Services 

Sacred Heart Parish 

Address: 24 Mowbray Street

Service Time: Saturday 6:30pm

St Thomas Anglican Church 

Address: Corner of Resolution and Hardwicke Street 

Service Time: every 2nd Sunday of the month 9am , every 4th Saturday of the month 2pm -visiting Minister (subject to change)

Uniting Church 

Address: Corner of Stansfield and Resolution Streets 

Service Time: Sunday 9am 

Jehovah's Witness 

Address: Corner of Alyss and Churchill Streets

Service Times: Wednesday 7:30pm and Sunday 2:30pm

Weekend Business Opening Hours

Remember you're in the Outback now and we love our weekends free so we can take part in all the great activities and events happening.  Generally most businesses are only open from 9am to 12pm on Saturday mornings and are closed for the remainder of the weekend.  FT Foodworks do trade from 9.30am to 1pm on Sundays as well as their Saturday trade.  Other Fuel Stations and must food outlets remain open over the weekend.

Fuel - Is there LP Gas available in Hughenden? 

Lp Gas is available in Hughenden at Priestley's Roadhouse (located on the Flinders Highway, travelling west) as well as diesel and unleaded.  There are also three other fuel stations with unleaded and diesel available. 

Weather Facts Conditions

Average Rainfall 505.1mm (19 Inches)

Average Winter Min – 9.6degrees

Average Summer Max – 35 degrees

Our Outback summers are very hot however they are a dry heat and most find this more bearable than the humidity on the coast.  We do get some cracker storms during summer and road closures can occur.  Our visitors are reminded to remain vigilant and be aware of conditions to ensure their safety.  Road conditions can change quickly.  Our "wet season" goes from November to March.

From April to October is what is known as "dry season" and more manageable temperature occur during these months.  Because of this reason, we see most of our visitors during this time.

Road Conditions

It is very important to be aware of road conditions.  More information on road conditions can be found here.


Seeing animals or livestock on or near the side of the road can be common and another thing to remain cautious about as they can act unpredictably.  If you do see an animal near or on the road, slow down and do not swerve as this may cause your vehicle to roll.  Dangerous times to drive are sunrise and sunset as this is when kangaroos can be most active and visibility will be more difficult.