Located in various locations, call into the Flinders Discovery Centre for a detailed map of locations.  As visitors are exploring Hughenden’s streets and parks they will be given the chance to view the impressive sculptural pieces made and designed by local artists.  

Hughenden’s streets are home to many impressive sculptural pieces which adorn the buildings and garden areas.  The impressive artworks have been made and designed by local artists and provide an insight to the importance of the area’s prehistoric past.  Among the sculptures are –

Darby the Dinosaur – The first of Hughenden’s sculptures, Darby the Dinosaur is made from scrap metal and adorns the front wall of the Flinders Shire Public Library.  Darby represents the Muttaburrasaurus which Hughenden is well known for and was made and designed by Sam Brown and Terry Lindsay.   

Leanneosaur & the Pterosaurs – Life sized flying metal sculpture of the Anhanguera, a Queensland Pterosaur and located on the top of the Flinders Discovery Centre and in the Discovery Park. Designed by Terry Lindsay and constructed by Shane Rogers.

Fish sculptures – This fish are at home in the Robert Gray Memorial Park and are a representation of the local fish that are found in the area. Again designed by Terry Lindsay and created by Sam Brown, they worked with hundreds of washers to complete the fishes scales and adjoined to sculptured steel.

Ammonite Sculpture. This sculpture depicts the ammonite, a commonly found fossil in the Flinders area. Again completed by Terry Lindsay and Sam Brown, the sculpture is completed with windmill parts. This piece of art is certainly an eyecatcher, especially at night while illuminated with lights. See the Ammonite Sculpture on the side of the Flinders Shire Public Library.

Window Panel Sculptures – Located along Gray Street in the traffic islands, these sculptures were created to depict the heritage and culture of the region through federation. These sculptures were completed by Terry Lindsay and constructed by Daniel Carroll.

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