Mount Walker

Mount Walker

Located 10km south of Hughenden on the Muttaburra Road with a sealed access to the top of the tabletop mountain. A perfect spot to enjoy sunset or sunrise and a must for the eager photographer.

Gas operated BBQ's and amenities available.

Named by William Landsborough in 1862 after fellow explorer Frederick Walker, Mount Walker is located approximately 10km south of Hughenden on the Muttaburra Road. Standing at 478 metres above sea level, visitors are treated to six spectacular lookouts scanning the district over 360 degrees. Mount Walker has become a popular spot to enjoy sunset and is a photographer’s delight. The road is fully sealed to the top of the mountain which is dirt. The road has a 16% incline and is not recommended to large motor homes, buses or vehicles towing.

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Mount Walker, Hughenden, QLD 4821