Historical Coolabah Tree

Coolabah tree

Located in Stansfield Street, over the causeway near the Hughenden Showgrounds. This coolabah tree is of immense historical important as it is linked to two relief expeditions searching for Burke and Wills.

Linked to two relief expeditions searching for the Burke and Wills Expedition, the Coolabah Tree located in Hughenden is of immense historical importance. It is believed that both expeditions blazed the tree on the banks of what is now Station Creek. These relief expeditions led people to become aware of the fertility and wealth of the plains adjacent to the Flinders River. Truly this tree should be preserved as a memorial to the brave explorers of this land.

Also at this site, visitors will find a surveyors peg sculpture made to portray some of Hughenden’s important historical events in Hughenden. The four sides of the peg are:

  • Shearers Strike Tree
  • Walkers Blaze
  • Landsborough Blaze
  • Benny Green Carving
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Stansfield Street, Hughenden, QLD 4821