Flinders River Byway

Flinders River Byway

A 4WD Byway which connects the Flinders Highway (west of Prairie) with the Kennedy Development Road (north of Hughenden) crossing the Flinders River. Travels on the Glentor-Prairie Road, total length of the Byway is 32km.

This 32 km four wheeled drive track crosses the sandy Flinders River and travels through grazing land with beautiful views of the basalt walls running along the horizon. After visiting Porcupine Gorge National Park visitors might like to travel on the Flinders River Byway and visiting the little town of Prairie, 44km east of Hughenden. Make sure you call into the Hotel and visit their unique friends and hear the story of the Prairie Ringer, a ghostly prowler.

Flinders River Byway Tourist Drive, Glentor-Prairie Road, Prairie, QLD 4816