Blackbraes National Park

Blackbraes National Park

Located 170km north of Hughenden on the Kennedy Developmental Road. Ranges surrounded by basalt outcrops, basalt plains and seasonal swamps.

Blackbraes National Park and Resource Reserve, along with two other adjacent resource reserves Moonstone Hill and Kennedy Road Gravel, covers about 52000 ha. These parks and reserves also cover two bioregions, the Einasleigh Uplands and Gulf Plains. Rising and falling hills and ranges surround the basalt outcrops, black soil plains and seasonal swamps. The park is approx 850m above sea level so a wetter and generally cooler climate occurs in the area.

Visitors can try their hand at gem fossicking at the nearby Moonstone Hill Resource Reserve, which is a volcanic crater and popular with fossickers. Fossicking requires a licence and they can be purchased from the Flinders Discovery Centre or from Queensland Mining and Safety. Viewing wildlife is also great at Blackbraes, with birdwatching at Emu Swamp dam popular with over thirty waterbirds recorded. Greater gliders, rufous bettongs, bandicoots, insects, frogs and snakes can be seen during a night spotlighting trip at the national park as well. While at Blackbraes, visitors can use the roads throughout the park and reserves to do walking, mountain biking, trail-bike riding and four-wheel driving.

Pre-booking is essential and campers can purchase permits at the Flinders Discovery Centre, online at or by telephoning 13 QGOV.

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