Basalt Byway

Basalt Byway

Departs on the Torver Valley Rd, looping back to Hughenden on the Old Richmond Rd. This 4WD track winds between the landscapes nth of Hughenden, running for 95km.

The Basalt Byway 4WD track takes visitors on a 95 km journey through some amazing country featuring rolling basalt walls and deep valleys. Basalt rock is typically the first lava to issue from a volcano, bringing us back to the regions prehistoric days. Visitors will pass through many grazing properties which were once sheep stations but as times progressed have turned to cattle grazing.

Travellers may be able to spot a kangaroo or two as well as dingos, emus and other birdlife. If visiting during the winter months, wildflowers and flowerings gums will be out in full force, amongst them a wildflower called the Flinders Poppy which the Hughenden district is well known for. On this track the Flinders River will be crossed and waterholes are prominent during the wet season.

Please check road conditions before departure especially during the wet season.

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Corner of Kennedy Development Road and Torver Valley Road