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Hughenden Cemetery Arts & Symbolism Self Guided Tour

Cemetery gates

This self guided tour guides the visitor around 24 selected headstones and describes the symbols carved on them and the meanings they represent. The Hughenden Cemetery has a large number of elaborate headstones dating back to 1886. The details included on these headstones, carefully chosen by loved ones, and skilfully carved by stone masons tell many stories through symbolism.

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Around Hughenden

Hughenden is situated in North West Queensland and is the Business and Commercial centre of the Flinders Shire. Other townships in the Shire include Prairie, Torrens Creek and Stamford. Hughenden is to be found on the banks of Queensland’s longest river, the Flinders. It is also located on the Overlanders Way (Flinders Highway).

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Australia Dinosaur Trail 

IchthyosaurAustralia's Dinosaur Trail in Queensland's Outback is an exciting new adventure highlighting the world-class fossil discoveries in the towns of Winton, Hughenden and Richmond. A journey along the Dinosaur Trail offers visitors a range of unique experiences not offered anywhere else in Australia.

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Travel the Overlanders Way

Overlanders way

For over 100 years our pioneers have been discovering the Overlanders Way. Today, travellers can follow in their footsteps on a 1,550 kilometre driving adventure across the breadth of Queensland and into the Northern Territory linking the wonders of the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef to the rugged Aussie Outback.

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Basalt Byways

Basalt Byway 4WD track

The Basalt Byway is a 4WD track winding between the landscapes north of Hughenden. This track takes you on a journey through some amazing country, featuring rolling walls of basalt, creating deep meandering valleys. Excellent lookouts show the depth and length of many of the valleys you will wind through. One lookout in particular is over an open downs area with the township of Hughenden in the distance. There is an abundance of flora and fauna to look at; spotting the odd kangaroo, dingo and emu is always a feature of the drive. The bird life is abundant and in the wetter months of the year the wildflowers and flowering gums are spectacular. Amongst the downs area the flower called the Flinders Poppy which Hughenden is well known for, blooms in the drier months of the year, creating rivers of red along the open plains.

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Eromanga Sea Byway

Running parallel to the Flinders Highway 50km south of Hughenden, this drive takes you through the prehistoric Eromanga Sea and the Desert Uplands.Views from the scenic lookout gaze across the open sparse Mitchell Downs region. Take this picturesque 180 km 4WD loop from Hughenden and Prairie.

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Flinders River Byway

The Flinders River Byway connects the Flinders Highway and the Kennedy Developmental Road, north of Hughenden. This impressive 4WD track crosses the sandy base of the Flinders River, and travels through rugged country with views of basalt walls running along the horizon.

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Please stay weather aware and check in advance with the Flinders Discovery Centre about the byways access.